Thanks to all those who applied for Diskeeper HomeServer Beta testing. We've had a number of eager volunteers ask where they can get the software to start evaluating. We appreciate your enthusiasm and assistance – it's awesome! For those of you inquiring, I want to let you know we are completing Alpha testing and our usual rigorous internal certification process. At Diskeeper Corporation, Alpha testing is what we refer to our "bug testing" field test. What we call a Beta version is synonymous with the industry definition of "Release Candidate". Feedback from Beta helps to polish any rough edges, provide info to marketing about the features you like best, and in the rare event a bug is found, gives us that additional round of user-testing to ensure a solid stable product on final release. So, if you've already claimed a spot in beta, congratulations! You won't have to wait to much longer. Expect to see the software possibly later this week. PS: we still have 7 spots available.