We've been receiving strong interest in Diskeeper for the new Windows Home Server (WHS) platform. One of the questions we are regularly asked is "how much will Diskeeper cost?" Given that our current Server edition (which already works on WHS) goes for $299, that's a fair question. We certainly recognize that that price is high for a consumer, and you will find that when we release our official version, the price will be far more attractive. The current plans are that we will have Diskeeper HomeServer available for small and mid-size OEMs in the next week or two. It is already available for the major OEMs signed up with Microsoft to deliver Home Server boxes. When WHS hits the streets, Diskeeper HomeServer will also be available for users to buy. Expect to see it available on the Diskeeper online store, Windows Marketplace and other online resellers. The current WHS release date (as much as Microsoft will divulge) indicates that you should be able to get your hands on one in early October. Because WHS is a full package of hardware and software, the final release date is contingent on the readiness of the major hardware vendors producing WHS computers. Several of our developers and I have been experimenting with WHS and we love it. If you have 3 or more PCs in your home, this product is definitely worth checking out!