Below I'll present some "undocumented" registry qualifiers that control the behavior of the Diskeeper System Status icon (System Tray/SysTray). The need to make these changes is exceptionally rare, though a few of our very large customers have implemented this for specific company purposes. A modified form was previously available in Diskeeper 9.0 as well (though the below steps will not work on Diskeeper 9.0). We've had very little requests to modify this feature in any way, which is why you don't see a user interface button in the product to modify behaviors. I'm providing the information here as a "trick" rather than a "tip". There are 3 levels of control for the Diskeeper 10.0 System Status Icon. They are all related to control for the non-administrative user. System Administrators always have full control. Please note that because this is done via the registry please follow all the usual precautions. I'm also not going to walk through all the steps as to how to make the changes. If you're reading a blog on a file system performance vendor's website, I'm pretty sure you already know what you're doing! The procedure takes less than a minute. All you need to do is create a new DWORD value and assign the appropriate decimal value. Name: UserIconLevel Type: DWORD value Location: HKLMSOFTWAREDiskeeper CorporationDiskeeper Default value: 2 Possible values: 2 = non-admin user can bump schedules via the icon 1 = non-admin user has no control via, but icon is visible 0 = icon is not visible to the non-admin user If no value is present [default], then the code will behave as if 2 is the value. All the usual network-wide registry editing techniques can be used if you need to make broad scale changes. E.g. you can use a batch file with "reg add" and deploy via GPO scripts or Sitekeeper (Sitekeeper can also deploy .reg files). While I'm not personally a fan of apps cluttering the tray, I do like the fact that Diskeeper 10's icon (only visible when actually defragmenting) offers a "total fragments eliminated" incrementing calculation when hovering over it. That's all I ever see of Diskeeper on my production systems (Set It and – but for the SysTray icon info – Forget It).