OK, I know this sound ridiculous but let me explain; and NO, this is not a 30 minute TV show about defrag. Diskeeper TV will be a series of short video clips on a variety of subjects that relate to system performance and the role Diskeeper plays. The purpose is really to shortcut reading a manual or white paper to find out some information – quickly. We want to bring you content in a fast and easily digestible manner. 12 page white papers, 3 pages of install notes, 2 more pages of How-To's and Best Practices aren't fun to read – and they pile up. Sure, sometimes these things are necessary, and we aren't replacing that either, but we hope this new format helps you out. I have to say that we're also doing this to have some fun – we're a bunch of marketing/PR guys with time to kill. And, while we aren't taking ourselves seriously (in the light-hearted spirit of this project) the topics will be all business. We've started the site here, with a few "general" videos to get the ball rolling. We have a few more clips in the works for the next few weeks, but after that we want to here from you want specific topics you'd like covered in a 1-2 minute video clip. The topic covered can be as technical as you request or as basic as needed. We'll try to accommodate every comment. Please let us know by commenting here in the blog!