Diskeeper Corporation has made a few hints at the need for optimization technology for NAND Flash drives for some time. We now have a particular iteration of that technology completed and need help testing it. We're looking for current Diskeeper customers interested in a first peek. To test this technology you will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement and be able to test on a Solid State Drive. If participating in these pre-release quality tests is of interest to you (it will really help us out) please email our Quality Control group at [email protected]. Please add "SSD Tester" in the subject line and also let them know, in the body of the email, what operating system(s) you will be able to test on. We expect the field test to start early next week and run for 1-2 weeks, so act quickly if you want to participate. PS: We also have a white paper on the subject (testing done by 3D Professor) that we'll publish in September.