The launch of a new product is a busy time for any software company and Diskeeper Corp is no exception. To prepare, we've improved our automation processes and increased staff in all areas that deal with our customers. The release is going very smoothly, but questions always come up, and our staff are hard at work helping everyone out. If you have questions or need assistance, below is a good list of places to find more information, and/or where send your requests for customers in North America: For technical support, please visit: If you have issues with the website, please email our Web Team: [email protected] If you have general requests, such as resending your software purchase/maintenance letter, please email our Customer Support Team at: [email protected] You can find additional contact information at: If you purchased from a reseller, please return to them for assistance. If you are located outside the US/Canada, please visit your respective Diskeeper reseller or partner.