This is brief update. Diskeeper 2007 uses Windows system counters to enhance awareness of other activties on the system. The Idle Resource Graph (also known as the InvisiTasking graph) requires access to performance counters, which are enabled by default on Windows 2000+ systems. A skillfull Diskeeper user detected that disabling paging (running without a paging file) on a x32-bit system and running Diskeeper causes the disabling of required performance libraries (disable performance counters). This causes the Diskeeper graph to show a blank screen and manual defragmentation jobs to error out. Perhaps the only legitimate reason for remiving a paging file is to conserve battery life/power consumption so it is obviously a very rare circumstance. So, for the time being, if you are running Diskeeper 2007, be sure to keep a paging file on one of your system's volumes.