Here's a couple of development projects in the works. Diskeeper Server Enterprise Edition will be adding support for the Intel Itanium platform in the next few weeks. Speaking of Intel, you may be aware that we have a partnership with them and some flavors of Diskeeper ship with their motherboards in the Desktop Utilities CD. That relationship is expanding with the upcoming release of their newest boards later this year. Customers will get to enjoy a special joint software offer from Intel and Diskeeper (on both Servers and Desktops). Stay tuned. Another in-progress development project is "I-FAAST 2.0" (code-name). There are big plans for the continuing development of I-FAAST, which will continue in parallel with other Diskeeper enhancements. I-FAAST 2.0 is currently planned for inclusion in the next major version release of Diskeeper. I-FAAST is, to briefly review, the disk performance calibration technology first introduced in Diskeeper 10. It sequences the most frequently used files to speed up thier access, and it takes measures to speed up new file writes as well. Unlike other applications of file ordering strategies, this one can be scientifically proven to increase performance- no marketing smoke-and-mirrors and no theoretical mumbo-jumbo; just results. Visit our knowledge center and check out the "Benchmarking I-FAAST" report.