“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

That “magic” is what our advertising team likes to embellish when describing InvisiTasking – please forgive them their marketing indulgences. 🙂

Speaking of Arthur C. Clarke, many know he was actively involved in scientific research projects such as SETI. For those of you running SETI@home or similar (Folding@home, GIMPS, etc…) the new enhancements in InvisiTasking, included in Diskeeper 2009, allow it to work seamlessly with these idle-resource volunteer computing applications. No adjustments, with either program, are now needed to run these two types of programs together. You can volunteer your unused PC resources for a good cause here.

While InvisiTasking performed extremely well on very busy servers, see this white paper, the improvements to InvisiTasking now allow defragmentation on even the most heavily used 24/7/365 server systems.

In a nutshell, InvisiTasking has been enhanced to leverage those idle resources more effectively, while still maintaining that invisibility that has revolutionized defragmentation technology.