As several customers have reported, our current instructions for Windows Home Server installation is quite sparse (actually it's not even there). Our apologies on any confusion this may have caused. I'm posting the instructions here for existing customers. New customers (starting in the next couple of days) will get this delivered with the software. We're also looking to streamline the install process in a future release. Here they are: The Microsoft Windows Home Server (WHS) operating system is primarily intended to run on a "headless system", meaning it typically has no keyboard or monitor. Instead, most Windows Home Server system management is done via the Windows Remote Desktop Connection feature from a separate Windows XP or Windows Vista computer. These instructions follow this model, and assume that you are familiar with connecting remotely to your Windows Home Server system. Follow these steps to install Diskeeper HomeServer on your Windows Home Server system and add it to the Windows Home Server Console: 1. If you have not done so already, copy the Diskeeper HomeServer installation file into a shared folder that is accessible to the Windows Home Server system (e.g. D:sharesSoftware) . 2. Connect to your Windows Home Server system via the Windows Remote Desktop Connection. 3. Open My Computer on the Windows Home Server system and navigate to the Diskeeper HomeServer installation file. Double-click the file to start the installation. 4. Follow the prompts displayed as the Installation Wizard guides you through the installation. You are given the opportunity to enable Automatic Defragmentation of all the volumes on your Windows Home Server system. Enabling Automatic Defragmentation allows Diskeeper with InvisiTasking to keep the performance and reliability of your Windows Home Server disk volumes at their peak levels, in a truly invisible, Set It and Forget It manner. If you are installing the full version of Diskeeper HomeServer, you are also given the option to allow Diskeeper to be activated silently, with no intervention from you. Lastly, you can specify the destination folder for the Diskeeper installation. By default, Diskeeper will be installed at C:Program FilesDiskeeper CorporationDiskeeper. When the installation is complete, click Finish to close the Installation Wizard. After Diskeeper has been installed, it is necessary to add it to the Windows Home Server Console. Follow these steps: 1. Open the Windows Home Server Console by double-clicking the appropriate shortcut on your Windows Home Server desktop. This will open the Windows Home Server Console. 2. Click Settings to open the Windows Home Server Settings Console. 3. Click Add-ins in the task pane on the left side of the Windows Home Server Settings Console, then click the Available tab in the Available Add-ins area. You will see the Diskeeper HomeServer Console listed as an available Add-in. 4. Click Install to install the Diskeeper HomeServer Console Add-in. After the installation is complete, it is necessary to close the Windows Home Server Console. 5. When you restart the Windows Home Server Console, you will see a new toolbar icon for Diskeeper. Click this icon to open Diskeeper HomeServer within the console. After opening Diskeeper, you can change any of the settings as described in the Diskeeper Help and User's Manual. Of course if you enabled Automatic Defragmentation during the installation, there is no need to make any changes. Your file fragmentation will be handled automatically and invisibly by Diskeeper using the InvisiTasking advanced background processing technology.