What best describes Diskeeper 2007? I think beta tester Michael Ratledge (an IT security pro) said it best – "Just install it and let 'er rip!" Diskeeper 2007 does what an automatic defragmenter should do. It defragments files on-the-fly without any impact on the system. Powered by new InvisiTasking technology, Diskeeper is the only technology that can truly deliver transparent operations. Whether you are running a mission critical 24/7 enterprise server, or the latest graphics-intensive game, Diskeeper 2007 intelligently uses only unused system resources (if and when they are available). InvisiTasking goes far beyond the limitations of I/O and CPU throttling. There's simply no comparison. What does that mean? It means no more need to turn off your defragmenter, schedule at "off" hours, or manual defrag when you have a few minutes. And, Diskeeper 2007 is simple for the user – no need to figure out "settings" or what "type" of defragmentation is best for your system. Diskeeper does it for you, intelligently and dynamically determining what your system needs for peak file system performance! Check out our product pages at diskeeper.com for more info, then download the trialware and take 'er for a spin!