There is a new free update of Diskeeper 2007 (11.0.698) available via the “Check for Updates” in the software. This product contains the following enhancements (overview): 1. Correct detection of volumes (including improvement for removable drives such as iPods or USB keys) 2. Delays on system startup and resource usage improvements 3. Usability updates 4. Product licensing enhancements 5. Checks to ensure that upgrades will occur as expected (notifying the user at installation time if upgrade will become trialware or when upgrading across editions) 6. Corrections for over-installs, to preserve settings 7. Fixed issue for USB volumes with no files 8. Directory consolidation configuration options 9. Terabyte Volume Engine (TVE) changes to improve error handling and boot optimization 10. Directory Consolidation changes to correctly handle log file 11. “Silent install” improvements for upgrade and update situations 12. Resolves the “floppy drive polling” in build 11.0.693 Please note this build does NOT install on Vista. See the earlier blog on how to get Diskeeper 2007 for Vista (11.0.697).