We have a new update of Diskeeper available on our website. You can use the Check for Updates feature in the software or simply pull down the new Diskeeper 2008 trialware and install it over the top of your existing full version of Diskeeper 2008. Here is a list of main changes in build 12.0.770: 1. Full feature support for Windows Server 2008. Note the previous builds of Diskeeper already installed on Server 2008 but did not include Bootime defragmentation. 2. Changes have been made to improve the logic (the new Smart Defrag of v2008) that determines when Diskeeper should run it's "extreme defrag" engine (low free space or severe fragmentation). Previously the volume had to be really badly fragmented AND extremely low on free space. In other words there was a middle ground where DK might not provide expect results. Now Diskeeper will detect if its other defrag engines aren't doing well enough and then, if needed, run this powerful new engine. 3. Fixed the problem with the Volume Map for volumes larger than 8TB and a cluster size of 4KB. It is now displayed correctly. 4. Fixed the problem with running on clustered servers where Diskeeper would lose volume settings after one of the nodes was shut down. 5. Microsoft Logo Certification for Windows Vista (Diskeeper 2008 Professional) and Windows Server 2008 (Diskeeper 2008 Server). 6. Fixed several other minor bugs. 7. Diskeeper News and Information feature added.