Below is a list of what's new in the latest Diskeeper update. We'll be rolling out this update (you'll be notified from the Check For Updates feature in Diskeeper) over the next couple of weeks, starting with the English language updates first. Shortly thereafter you'll be able to get the update in all other languages currently supported: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

1. Added support for management via SCOM 2007.
2. Added code to synchronize access to WMI data structures between multiple threads.
3. Updated content and existing functionality in the Diskeeper Group Policy template file.
4. Added a selection to enable/disable Operations Manager event logging through Group Policy.
5. Added support for the new ADMX Group Policy template format.
6. The "Before and After Performance Report" previously included only in trialware is now available in the full product.

7. Fixed a problem with uninstalling Diskeeper Service through Group Policy.
8. Corrected several minor problems/inconsistencies with the Performance Report:
a. Use low performing file size rather than just the number of files to show as percentage in the graph to make it visually consistent with the Volume Map File Performance View.
b. Replace the Fragmentation Percentage data with Percentage of low performing files (analogous change was made to the Job Report).
c. Disabled the Trialware Expired report selection when there is not enough data for this report so that no empty report is displayed.
d. Corrected low performing directories data.
9. Fixed a problem with low performing files data reported by manual defragmentation.
10. Fixed a bug in the Job Report where inconsistent data was displayed between the Findings and Recommendations and the Health sections.
11. Included Most Fragmented Files data in the Job Report window rather than in a separate pop-up.
12. Minor corrections for Diskeeper service in certain rare environments.
13. Minor corrections to the File Exclusions feature.
14. Made the delay at the end of the boot-time engine processing adjustable through a registry key.
15. Fixed a UI bug on the Boot-time Defragmentation page by moving the "Run boot-time defragmentation even if this volume it being used…" selection under the "scheduled reboot" radio option in the upper section.
16. Fixed a display problem with Trialware where under certain circumstances a large number of days to expiration would be displayed.
17. Fixed an error when adding a higher (incorrect) version license file to the product by adding validation code.
18. Fixed error where when Diskeeper push installed through DK Admin displays an error "Unable to retrieve license data". This could also cause numerous trialware roll-up notification windows at the same time.
19. Fixes to the Trialware roll-up tray interaction; Corrected mouse-over text , Fixed the launch Diskeeper UI , context menu action
20. Fixed inconsistent expiration data in the Trialware Expired Performance Report where the expiration date and the number of days since expiration would be inconsistent.
21. Diskeeper will now correctly use the default Web browser when checking for updates.

Note that Diskeeper Server now also adds support for Windows Server 2003/2008 Datacenter (contact your sales rep for this build).

UPDATE: June 22, 2009: The build that was officially released was 13.0.844, which included all the above fixes. The 842 build was a Tech Support/Field Test build and had a limited release. I've updated the post title to reflect this as the 13.0.844 change log.