We’ve released another build of Diskeeper 2007 with a few minor fixes and new functionality. This build will install on Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista. Here’s the list of enhancements: 1. This product always requires Product Activation upon install. 2. Silent Activation is enabled which will automatically activate when an internet connection is found. 3. If an Internet Connection is not found, the ability to manually activate the product is available (also for PC’s not connected to the Internet). 4. Fixed some User Interface refresh issues. 5. Changes have been made to prevent Diskeeper from unnecessarily polling floppy disk drives in Vista (already fixed for other OS’es in build 698). 6. Reliability and performance issues handled. 7. Diskeeper now preserves timeframe exclusions when imaging across multiple machines. 8. Diskeeper defragments NTFS Metadata Files ($Extend) in XP and above online. This includes the USN Journal. 9. Diskeeper now recognizes Encrypted Virtual Drives. 10. Fixed minor issue regarding MFT fragmentation reporting. 11. Boot-Time Directory Consolidation is now available for FAT volumes. 12. Fixed InvisiTasking graphs for Foreign Operating Systems. 14. I-FAAST Measurement fixed for Foreign Operating Systems. 14. Fixed various minor Vista Compatibility Issues. This build is available via Check for Updates if you are running Vista. Due to the fact that this build requires activation (and you may not have had to do this in the past) it is not yet available via Check for Updates for XP/2000 users, though will be in the near future. You can, however, grab the trialware from our website and install it over an older, licensed, build of Diskeeper 2007. This is essentially the same as downloading and installing the trialware from the Check for Updates site. I anticipate one more build release for Diskeeper 2007 in the coming month or two as we complete other minor accessibility requirements for our standard Microsoft “Logo” Certification for Vista and Windows 2003.