Diskeeper Corporation has released 11 Diskeeper versions for Windows in 11 years. Why is this relevant? Apart from the fact that Diskeeper regulary keeps it latest technology available to customers, it also means that customers on maintenance really get there money's worth. Diskeeper Corporation, like many software companies offer what is called Software Maintenance (others may called is Upgrade Assurance or similar). This deal is made available and sold to customers at the time of thier initial license purchase. It is a percentage of the cost of the software license, and is usually purchased by time periods. It is common to offer 1 year, 2 year, and sometimes 3 year maintenance. The longer the Software Maintenance term, the lower the per year cost of the maintenance. At Diskeeper Corporation, Software Maintenance also includes technical support beyond the free 90-day support offered for new purchases for the length of time of the maintenace agreement. Depending on where you purchase Diskeeper, the maintenance may be easy to find and purchase, but it is always available. If you are purchasing from a reseller, let them know you are interested in purchasing this as well. Why is this valuable and why did I note that we have a track record of releasing a new Diskeeper version every year? Because, for around 25% of the cost of the license(s), a customer can purchase 1 year maintenance and almost certainly receive the next version for cheap. That's true even if you purchased a Diskeeper edition the first day it is released, as we also have a great track record of releasing a new version of Diskeeper within 12 months (1 year) of the previous release. Getting that new version out to reward our maintenance customers is one of the big targets we set for ourselves every year. While we can never promise to hit that target, we have an excellent track record.