Diskeeper Corporation has been licensing its technologies to partners for many years. This includes promotional actions, such as shipping “lite” versions of Diskeeper, with tens of millions of laptops, desktops and servers sold by some of the world’s largest hardware and computer companies (Intel, Lenovo, Sony, Dell, HP, etc…) to providing product to companies who “re-package” the software into a managed services offering. SecurityCoverage has been a Diskeeper partner for several years, including various editions of Diskeeper in its product line. They recently launched an exciting new service. They’re offering a free security suite (yes free!) as well as an upgraded Premium suite with more solutions (like Diskeeper Professional) as well as 24×7 support for an awesome price (currently $4.95 USD per month). Read the CNET announcement here (old link https://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9797368-7.html?tag=nefd.blgs). Here is an early review posted on TMCnet: “People may think that they’re safe on the Internet, but they’re not,” said Dan Gookin, best-selling author of PC for Dummies and well-known PC expert. “Even with all the nifty new security features of Windows Vista, having a product like PCLive Security helps complete the PC protection picture. Not only that, maintenance is a key, yet often overlooked, part of running a computer. The beauty of PCLive Security is that it provides you with the protection and maintenance you need. Plus the price is really incredible!”