It's been a while since the last posting on the blog as September has been an extremely busy month at Diskeeper Corporation. Our marketing and development teams have been working long hours for many weeks to get our latest and greatest software to you. We have numerous software products coming in the near future – every product in the Diskeeper Corporation lineup will have significant releases in Q4 of this year. We're confident our great new technologies in the pipeline will continue our tremendous success this year. Our Sales team just pulled off our highest-ever sales quarter (Q3), and are well ahead of pace to have a record setting year for the company. Our CEO and top execs recently returned from China as part of our company expansion; and the release of Diskeeper 2007 into Chinese (simplified and traditional) has opened the floodgates to numerous opportunities in that emerging superpower. We've also added some great new talent to the software and business development areas in recent months, including some top-caliber C# developers dedicated to Diskeeper Administrator and execs with strong technical background in SAN and security technologies. Earlier this year we implemented a new programming methodology that has already been paying off with tremendous gains in our software's reliability and efficiency, allowing us to get better products to market faster. Stay tuned!