Foreword: This blog is written to express my personal viewpoint of why Diskeeper Corporation has included activation in the latest Diskeeper 2007 version. A few years ago, Diskeeper Corporation began a global expansion plan. That plan targeted Asia as a huge and growing market, about to come into its own in the world of software. China is predicted to be the world economic power in a relatively short period of time. One example of this is the city of Shenzhen. Shenzhen has grown from a few hundred thousand locals in 1980 to about 10 million people today. This city was "created" by the Chinese government as a modern industrial city and trade center to the world. Pioneers such as Adobe and Microsoft have long since moved to take advantage of this burgeoning market. As part of that process they developed anti-piracy technologies and began educational campaigns in many parts of the world, including Asia. Diskeeper Corporation has established great partners in these new locations to help expand the company. They are there to aid customers in their respective regions with Sales and Support. They are also a tremendous asset in that they are local to their regions and know the culture. We understand that we, as an American company, have a lot to learn with respect to doing business with the rest of the world. While I can't speak for the reasons Microsoft, Autodesk, or Adobe have added activation, I am privy to much of the same type of information from which they are operating. These are the reasons Diskeeper Corporation has moved in this direction. In many parts of the world, digital piracy is rampant.