This entry is just a dump of various unrelated bits of information – hence the title. Over the next few weeks I'll be writing up details about the various new features of Diskeeper 2008, covering them in more detail. We will also publish a white paper in the next couple of weeks that shows before-and-after testing between Diskeeper 2007 and 2008. One point to make is that we concetrate Diskeeper development on NTFS file systems and our automatic "on-the-fly" mode. We place limited development work on FAT volumes and "manual" defragmentation. If you prefer to run Diskeeper manually you're probably not going to get value from upgrading or buying maintenance. We are developing a tool that is Set It and Forget It. We have a spam-filter on our blog, so if you are commenting on an entry, please do not use full URLs in your message as they will get caught. We get about 15-20 spam comments every hour.