Undelete 2009 (6.0) has just been released. Here is a list of new and principal features. For more information, go to Undelete.com. NEW! InvisiTasking technology – enables Undelete tasks to operate in the background with zero overhead. NEW! SecureDelete 2.0 – provides the option to SecureDelete all files immediately rather than waiting for the Recovery Bin to be purged. NEW! Wipe Free Space – overwrites any free space on the selected volume making it impossible to recover any files that previously occupied the now unused disk space. (note, not available on Windows 2000 systems) NEW! Automatic Resizing of the Recovery Bin – automatically detect and reduce the size of the Recovery Bin based on available free space. NEW! Support for 64 bit operating systems (except for Undelete Home edition). NEW! Support for Windows Server 2008 operating systems (with Undelete Server edition). NEW! Undelete 2009 Server edition now includes 10 Desktop Client Devices. NEW! Improved performance on high traffic systems (e.g. busy file servers). NEW! No reboot required for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating systems Recovery Bin – captures and protects all deleted files (from: applications, command line, across the network). Using an "Explorer-like" window, clients/administrators can view deleted files and folders and instantly recover data. Search Recovery Bin – search by location, file type, date created or deleted, as well as by file owner or the user who actually deleted the file. Version Protection for Microsoft Office Files – "rollback" to an earlier version of a file. Version Protection automatically protects Word, Excel and PowerPoint files for all versions of Office. You recover previous versions in an intuitive Explorer-like window. Emergency Undelete – Recover files deleted prior to installing Undelete 2009. Remote Installation – "PushInstall" in Undelete 2009 Server edition allows system administrators to remotely install licensed Undelete 2009 software across the network.