There is a new free update for all Undelete 5.0 customers and it is available on your personal “myDiskeeper” download site. An email with specific download instructions has been sent to your registered email address.

New customers will automatically receive this updated version of Undelete.

This new release includes support for Windows Vista as well as file version recovery of Office 2007’s PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. If you are running Windows Vista, no reboot is needed. If you are running 2000/20003/XP you will be prompted for a reboot, but there is a workaround.

Due to particular linking of the Windows Recycle Bin to the user shell, each user that is logged in at the time Undelete is installed will need to first log off and then log back in for Undelete’s Recycle Bin replacement called the “Recovery Bin” to kick in. A system reboot may be the easiest way to guarantee this, but for those 24/7 servers, the log-off/log-on may be more palatable. This release, while seemingly minor requires a major undertaking. Select users have been provided limited release copies of Undelete 5 for Vista. If you are one of those customers and are running 32-bit Windows Vista, I recommend that you upgrade to this new build. Porting a User-Mode application (e.g. online disk defragmentation) is significantly easier than a file filter driver such as anti-virus software or Undelete. With Undelete, we essentially rebuilt the device driver, making it a more efficient and streamlined program that adhered to Vista’s driver standards.

So, while the surface layer (i.e. user interface) of Undelete 5 may not have changed, a massive engineering undertaking has taken place that will benefit users on both Vista and other Undelete supported operating systems.