Microsoft is around the corner from an exciting new release, perhaps as compelling as Windows Server 2008 itself – the contender to VMware’s hypervisor dominance (ESX). Hyper-V (a Windows Server 2008 server role) has wrapped up and is ready to go to market (RTM – or Release To Manufacturing). Diskeeper Corporation has worked closely with Microsoft to fully support Hyper-V from early on. That technology alliance includes the recent Microsoft announcement (old link that Diskeeper was one of the first three software vendors to certify their software for Hyper-V (the other software vendors were IBM and Symantec). In the coming months it will culminate in advanced Diskeeper performance functionality announced by Microsoft several years back. As a long time Microsoft Gold partner, we believe that Microsoft is providing an excellent option for corporation’s looking to save power and space, ease provisioning efforts, and achieve full hardware utlilization through virtualization. Also around the bend is the RTM for a new 2009 iteration of a Diskeeper software release – broadly available in late July/early August. Keep an eye open for the official release!