The new virtual platform disk optimizer for Hyper-V platforms is now available for sale and as trialware.

V-locity with InvisiTasking technology installs on both the Windows Server 2008 OS that is running the virtual host and all Windows virtual machines (guests). Each component optimizes its respective Windows OS and performs defragmentation of files and consolidation of free space. This minimizes unnecessary I/O passed from the OS to the disk subsystem and aligns data on the drives for optimal access.

With the proprietary InvisiTasking, V-locity will automatically and invisibly defragment files and consolidate free space on every Windows system it is installed, eliminating unnecessary and excess I/O to restore system performance and reliability for the entire platform. At the same time, V-locity provides a tool to analyze and compact wasted virtual disk space (dynamic disks).

In accordance with most virtualization software products, pricing for V-locity is "per CPU-core" (similar to the traditional per-socket) rather than per operating system. This provides users a fixed cost for their optimization solutions, and makes licensing much easier and more predictable as they 'grow' those platforms.

Get more info about V-locity here.

Future versions are already in the works, including support for VMware's enterprise solutions.