If you're reading this blog, chances are you've already heard that Vista is code complete. The RTM (release to manufacturing) version has already been delivered to select Microsoft customers as well as OEM manufacturers that build PCs. I talked with some Microsoft enterprise license customers (e.g. 40,000+ clients) who also run Diskeeper on all their desktops, and they are already building system images to roll out Vista. They are all very anxious to get a Diskeeper that runs on the Vista RTM code. Our OEM partners are also eager to get Diskeeper for their new PC images (Lenovo, Sony, etc…). As we have already been informing our enterprise customers, we are about a week or two away from offering a private field test version of a Diskeeper 2007 build that will run on the Vista RTM version. Starting earlier this year we offered a public field test build of Diskeeper 10. That Diskeeper beta product will continue to be available for a short while longer on our downloads page. A key reason why we don't have a beta for RC2 is that we discovered some minor bugs in Vista (RC2) that affect some advanced Diskeeper features. We reported these to Microsoft, and they have fixed them in the RTM version. If you have the RTM version of Vista , you can participate in our private field test. Email our team at [email protected] with a quick note you'd like to test and that you have the Vista RTM build available to test on. If you are Diskeeper 2007 customer (just purchased or have a software assurance agreement), the update to Diskeeper 2007 that supports Vista will be free. More to come on how to get that will be emailed to you in the coming weeks. We're also targeting to have trialware available for Vista later this month on our website, possibly extending into early December.