I’ve been a huge fan of Windows Home Server (WHS) from the first moment I got may hands on an early beta build. Even after testing the solid Windows 7 for several months, I’m still convinced WHS is the best OS from MS to date. If you have more than 2 PCs at home, I highly recommend this focused OS – it’s simply awesome. No bloat; it just does the handful of things you need exceptionally well.

There are several well known authoritative websites where I find out about the great new solutions for WHS. WeGotServed, and MSWHS are a couple of the best known. You can find even more WHS sites/blogs/forums linked from those sites.

We Got Served recently held their second annual “Best Of” voting, but Diskeeper didn’t win. Boo :-).

We did however, take third place to a couple of very cool multimedia organization programs that I personally use (I ripped my DVD collection to my WHS box).

You can check out the awards for Best WHS Hardware and Software (link no longer valid –  wegotserved.co.uk/2008/12/31/we-got-served-reader-awards-2008-the-winners-announced/).