I say that for two reasons:

1. It's been over a month since the last blog posting.
2. All the doom and gloom news about the global economy might make people wonder if a company they purchase products from will be around the next day.

Well, the reason for the "quiet" is a good one. We've been busy expanding the company and innovating new software!

Unlike so many dismal financial reports from major corporations (generally the ones that spend borrowed money), we ended 2008 with excellent results. We were literally a split-hair away from setting a new highest-ever income record in the company's 28 year existence. Diskeeper is, and continues to be, extremely profitable, spending only what we earn. That means we'll be here next month, next year, and for many more years to come to answer your questions and service your needs. It means that, for those on maintenance contracts, you'll definitely see killer new versions of Diskeeper.

We've been so busy that in just the next 6-8 months you'll see more new products and technology released from Diskeeper Corporation than we've released in even our most proliferous 2-year span. New technology for virtual machines, Windows boot, more in the realm of NAND Flash optimization, and of course new Diskeeper versions. Even more revolutionary new storage performance solutions are coming in the next 12-18 months.

Numerous news announcements regarding technology licensing to major hardware and software vendors are also around the bend. That means the servers/PCs and software you're buying may have Diskeeper Corporation technology already included.

While many corporations are in hiring freezes and layoffs in anticipation of a slow 2009 (even Microsoft announced some for the first time in its history), we have the most exciting fiscal projections in company history for 2009. We've been hiring senior software engineers at record pace over the last few months to keep up with demand. In fact we have so many projects that we are aggressively looking to near-double the current number of developers. If you're a senior software developer with C++ or C# experience and live or are willing to re-locate to Los Angeles, give us a call – we could use your engineering skills.

PS: Over the next week I'll post info on recent Diskeeper 2008 (boot-time defrag) and 2009 (new features) releases.