Diskeeper 2008 Server and EnterpriseServer currently install and, for the most part, work on Windows Server 2008 operating systems. The only feature in Diskeeper currently not supported is Bootime Defragmentation, which is currently being worked on. You can grab the trialware from Diskeeper.com to test. We also worked with Microsoft to be one of the first third-party applications (Microsoft engineers actually said we were the first they knew of) to support Windows Server Core, a minimized (less functionality but also less resource usage) iteration of Windows Server 2008. As the Diskeeper user interface is a snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console, you can use the Diskeeper Administrator console to deploy Diskeeper software (Server, EnterpriseServer) to the remote Windows Server 2008 Server Core system and then bring up the Diskeeper graphical user interface (GUI) using the Remote Control feature – and have access to the full Diskeeper GUI. Official support for Windows 2008 will be available prior to the official Microsoft release date. It will be a free update for all Diskeeper 2008 users. That update will also include a number of additional minor features. Once administrators become familar and comfortable with the new feature, I expect Server Core to be a popular and welcome addition to Windows 2008. Leveraging virtual machines to house numerous specially purposed (e.g. DNS) Server Core instances, with their smaller resource footprint, on a single physical system can be a great way to make the most effective use of hardware.