“I am a blind reseller and consultant for people with special needs/vision impaired who use JAWS, the Windows screen reading software. I have been very pleasantly surprised with the new version 2011 of Diskeeper. It works great with our screen reading technology!Diskeeper’s Instant Defrag makes JAWS as much as 5 times more accessible.  It is very cool!I appreciate the fact that your software engineers took the time to make Diskeeper usable by blind people.  A very pretty user interface doesn’t matter to us, but when you design the product to make it usable for people with special needs, this definitely does matter.

Diskeeper works very well with no adjustments required.  The Instant Defrag, IntelliWrite, InvisiTasking and Efficient Mode are all enabled by default when we install the software. It works easily and well.I have been recommending Diskeeper to JAWS users from Portland, Maine to Perth, Australia!”

Roger R. Cusson,  Seeing Hands Enterprises Reseller / Consultant to special needs / Vision Impaired