Here is a market research report* we regulary track in-house to see how we fare against some of the other well known software utility companies in number of licenses sold. The list covers a one year period (September 2006 September 2007). Rank, Product Family, Publisher 1. Symantec Antivirus, Symantec 2. Symantec Ghost, Symantec 3. ScanMail, Trend Micro 4. NeatSuite, Trend Micro 5. Clnt/Svr, Trend Micro 6. Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM 7. Diskeeper, Diskeeper Corporation 8. InterScan Messaging Security Suite, Trend Micro 9. SvrProtect, Trend Micro 10. OfficeScan, Trend Micro *North American Product ranking and market share are based on unit sales. All the data comes from National Purchase Diary (NPD) distribution channel software sales report. NPD captures 88% of all sales going through distribution channels.