Before I publish my first blog entry (I think I’m officially the last human with a computer to write one) I will quickly introduce myself. My name is Michael; I’m the Product Manager (PM) at Diskeeper Corporation (DKC). I first joined the company back in 2000 as a Systems Engineer, and moved into product management a couple of years ago.

As PM, I’m tasked with making our products the best on the market. Doing that means making sure it meets the needs of you, the customer. My blogs will provide technical data (I had a past life as an engineer before going over to the “dark side”; AKA Marketing -just kidding of course).

I will also offer insights into this great company, which I’m very proud to be part of, and personal viewpoints on our products and where I see the industry and our company going. As with most blogs, my personal viewpoints aren’t necessarily those of my employer, nor do they guarantee a specific course of action. When and where possible I will leak out a few of our R&D projects (at least to the degree that I can still collect a paycheck afterward).

I must forewarn our readers that I may often come across as caustic or impertinent. I don’t wish to offend anyone, but understand I am passionate about what I do; and when I’m up on my soapbox I usually have the knowledge and info to back it up. I also consider myself a ‘junior’ philosopher and pop culture commentator so my blogs will frequently contain references to contemporary events. Feel free to comment on my blogs and correct me when I’m wrong – I can take it. All I ask is that your responses present supporting technical data and not hearsay. I will publish constructive and well intentioned comments, questions or corrections. I’m excited to have this opportunity to share my product knowledge and insight, and hope this information helps you. I want to also thank those of you who currently follow this blog and write to us. We do listen and really strive to address your needs.

Your Diskeeper blog team will begin to interact with those of you who have been sending in comments. Our apologies on not having done so sooner, we are still quite new to this technology (and the user manual is reeeeeally long). Please use this forum to ask questions or respond to blog entries. If you have product suggestions, you can submit them by email to [email protected]. We review these emails as part of our new feature development planning. You can also provide feedback directly into our development database from an option in Diskeeper 10’s “Action” menu item (select Action and then Diskeeper Feedback from the Diskeeper user interface menu bar).


PS: Given that our legal dept. approves, we are working to create some audience participation games (with prizes like free software, t-shirts, etc…) into the blog.