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University of Illinois Doubles SQL and Oracle Performance on All-Flash Arrays with DymaxIO I/O Transformation Software

The University of Illinois, had already deployed an all-flash Dell Compellent storage array to support their hardest hitting application, AssetWorks AiM, that runs on Oracle. After a year in service, performance began to erode due to growth in users and overall workload. Other hard hitting MS-SQL applications supported by hybrid [...]

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A Deep Dive Into The I/O Performance Dashboard

While most users are familiar with the main DymaxIO™/Diskeeper®/V-locity®/SSDkeeper™ Dashboard view which focuses on the number of I/Os eliminated and Storage I/O Time Saved, the I/O Performance Dashboard tab takes a deeper look into the performance characteristics of I/O activity. The data shown here is similar in nature to other [...]

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Application Performance is Not at the Mercy of Your Hardware

It's not your hardware's fault that your application performance stinks! SQL query freezes or timeouts, reports running too long, users complaining or getting disconnected, batch jobs failing, backups taking too long or failing to complete in their allotted window, and any of a host of other Windows application performance troubles [...]

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13 Windows Performance Problems Traced to a Single Source

13 substantial Windows performance problems that can cause the most frustration and chew up valuable IT time can be directly traced to a single source. In this article, we’re going to show you how. First, let’s briefly touch on and describe each Windows performance issues. 1. Slow Application Performance This [...]

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Caching Is King

Caching technology has been around for quite some time, so why is Condusiv’s patented IntelliMemory® caching so unique that it outperforms other caching technology and has been licensed by other top OEM PC and Storage vendors? There are a few innovations that make it stand above the others. Best Performance [...]

Windows Server 2022 – DymaxIO and Undelete 11 Fully Compatible

Condusiv Technologies has ensured that its current products DymaxIO™ and Undelete® are fully compatible and supported on Windows Server 2022. The previous products, Diskeeper 18 and V-locity 7 also ran fine on the new Windows platform. In addition to Condusiv’s own rigorous in-house certification, Condusiv works closely with Microsoft for [...]

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6 Best Practices to Improve SQL Query Performance

Tips for Optimized Microsoft SQL Server Performance MS SQL Server is a very popular RDMS (relational database management system) with many benefits and features that empower its efficient operation. As with any such robust platform, however—especially one which has matured as SQL Server has—there have been best practices evolved that [...]

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DymaxIO and Undelete 11 Fully Compatible with Windows 11

Microsoft officially released Windows 11 to the public this week and like with all previous Windows releases, Condusiv Technologies has ensured that its current products DymaxIO™ and Undelete® are fully compatible and supported on it.  We have also verified that Diskeeper® 18 is fully compatible with Windows 11. Besides Condusiv’s [...]

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I Have Backups and Snapshots, So Why Do Condusiv Customers Use Undelete?

Enterprises use backups and snapshots to recover data sets in the event of system failure. But how about individual files on file servers? Often times users accidentally delete or overwrite files saved on file servers. Backups and snapshots can still be used to retrieve those files but that can be [...]

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A Simple Trick on Maintaining Your Storage Performance – Maintain Your Free Space

Low Free Space Impact on Storage Performance In the last few months, I was approached by three different companies that were frantic because they were experiencing an EXTREME fragmentation issue. Not just files that were in hundreds or thousands of fragments, but in millions! Of course, this was causing performance [...]

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Undelete Saves Your Bacon, An In-depth Video Series

Undelete Saves Your Bacon! Undelete® is a lot more than those simple file recovery utilities that just search through free space on Windows machines looking for recoverable data. Undelete does so much more; protecting files in network shared folders and capturing versions of any number of file types. If you've [...]

Solving the I/O Blender Effect with Software-Based Caching

First, let me explain exactly what the I/O Blender Effect is, and why it causes a problem in virtualized environments such as those from VMware or Microsoft’s Hyper-V. This is typically what storage I/O traffic would look like when everything is working well. You have the least number of storage [...]

Welcome to Undelete Server

Welcome to Undelete Server The Undelete® Server software includes powerful features and components to provide real time data protection enabling you to recover accidentally deleted files very fast. This article is for you if you have purchased the Undelete software, are using the 30-day trial software, or are considering adding [...]

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