This has been a popular question this past week, since the release of Undelete 2009. Here's the full Q&A on the subject: Can you wipe an entire drive with SecureDelete 2.0? In other words, you plan to give the computer away, say as a donation, but want NONE of your former data on it. So can you wipe the entire drive clean? Not just the free space? Yes, Undelete's new SecureDelete 2.0 supports this. Here's how: First, you'll need to delete remove all the files off the drive you intend to wipe of data – a quick reformat* is a fast way to do this. Then you can use the Wipe Free Space feature of SecureDelete. If you want the wiping process to complete quickly, I recommend launching this manually as it will complete faster than the Automatic mode, which will is designed to operate invisibly using only unused system resources (via InvisiTasking). Note that wiping can be a time consuming process as every single cluster has to be "scrubbed". The good thing is that you can walk away once you start it, no need to babysit. *Of course to reformat or delete all the files off the drive, it cannot be your system drive, so you'll have to attach the drive to be wiped to a computer that has a working operating system and Undelete 2009 installed.