In order to squeeze optimal performance out of a database, there are two "layers" that need defragmentation; the database file(s) themselves, and the internal records/indexes within those files. Diskeeper, of course safely and automatically defragments files and free space (yes even live databases). Advanced Diskeeper features like I/O Smart ensure that defragmentation can occur during production without impact to the system. Diskeeper does not offer, nor perform, internal file defragmentation. I've authored several white papers that discuss the internal defragmentation/compaction tools Microsoft offers with their Exchange and SQL products. It is those tools, development by the application vendors, that have the understanding required to address internal fragmentation. You can read up on those white papers in the Knowledge Center. The problem with these free provided tools is they are cumbersome to use and integrate with IT operations. Fortunately there are vendors that have dramatically improved upon the basic scripting tools and offer powerful features so you can avoid the long and often complex coding normally required to operate them. I'd like to introduce you to a couple of great products I'm familiar with and personally recommend.