Though we released Diskeeper 2008 one year and one week after Diskeeper 2007, we are extending the free software upgrade to anyone who purchase a 1-year maintenance contract the initial week of the Diskeeper 2007 release last year. Our goal is to reward those loyal customers and ensure they get their monies worth. Anyone eligible for free upgrades will automatically be sent links to access Diskeeper 2008 downloads. All customer’s who have purchased Diskeeper from can go to their account and login in using the email address you used to purchase the software. Your password is the same you used when you set up your User Profile online. If you don’t remember the password, the website can be used to send it to your email address. If you purchased Diskeeper in the last 30 days, you are under the 30-day money back guarantee/warranty, and will also automatically receive a free upgrade to Diskeeper 2008. Check your email for the links.