Here are the basic steps to installing Diskeeper on a Windows 2008 Server Core system and how you can access the full Diskeeper UI remotely. 1. Turn off the Firewall on the Server Core system. (The default Firewall settings on the Server Core system will not allow remote installation or external file copies to occur, so you will need to disable the Firewall temporarily. We will enable it after the installation has completed.) a. Logon to the Server Core system and on the command prompt window execute the below command to disable the firewall "C:>netsh firewall set opmode disable" – You can use netsh set machine command to remotely connect to the Server Core system. The Diskeeper User Manual contains the specific ports/protocols/process names necessary for communications. These ports can be opened for Diskeeper, using netsh, in lieu of fully disabling the firewall, albeit temporarily, if there are any security considerations. 2. Install Diskeeper Administrator console on another (remote) system that supports .Net (preferably one that has an internet connection). a. Install/configure your database of choice. If you have internet connection you can easily download the free MSDE (SQL Lite) product. b. When complete, select the ‘Install Diskeeper’ option from the main page and follow the wizard to install Diskeeper on the Server Core system. c. On the ‘Select Diskeeper Edition option, select “Diskeeper 2008 Server” which is the default. d. On ‘Select Installation File’ menu section, select the button option ‘Specify or browse…’ which will have the included Diskeeper Server edition selected, then select the ‘Package Type’ you want to install , X86 or X64 and select ‘Next’ e. On next, use the default ‘Activate Silently and Automatically’ f. On next, select the machine name of the Server Core system. If the machine name does not show up in the network neighborhood display, you can add the IP address with the following steps: – Right click on the Domain name where the Server Core machines resides and select ‘Add Multiple Computers” – In the Computers to add list, enter in the IP address of the machine and select OK. – That IP address will now be available to select from g. Next it will ask you for a Username and Password for that Server Core machine. If it is not part of the domain, then you can permission type of ‘workgroup’ or ‘local admin’. h. Continue on with the wizard to complete the Installation. 3. After the Installation is complete, you can re-enable the firewall on the Server core machine with this command line: "C:>netsh firewall set opmode enable" 5. Remote connect to Diskeeper on the Server Core system. a. From the system, with DK Admin, select the “Remote Control Diskeeper” option and follow the wizard to select the machine (Server Core System) to connect to Diskeeper on. This will connect you to the full UI.