Below is the first part of a white paper on an amazing new technology our R&D team invented. We have big plans for this technology. I'd like to hear other venues where you think this technology could help? What programs are you running that could leverage this? BTW: This report is a general overview of technologies in order to provide a better understanding of certain limitations inherent in modern operating systems. It is not a scientific study. — BACKGROUND MULTITASKING OVERVIEW Multitasking is a method for sharing system resources so that multiple processes can appear to run simultaneously. An example would be the ability to run both a word editor and a spreadsheet application at the same time. However, a component in a general purpose computer, such as the CPU, can only execute one task at a given time. Multitasking presents the illusion that all execution is occurring simultaneously by implementation of a thread scheduling system. It is in essence virtualization of the CPU, designed to fool applications into believing they own the CPU exclusively. More powerful and faster CPUs can execute larger tasks or execute more in a given span of time. Multiprocessing extends the principles of multitasking to multiple CPUs, actually allowing threads to run simultaneously, where multitasking only feigns this behavior. Multiprocessing, like multitasking, is still limited in processing capacity to one action at a time on a given CPU. For the purposes of this paper, multitasking will be used to refer to the operating system's thread handling.