As one of the orginal 8 independent software vendors (ISV) partnered with Microsoft to develop fully integrated technologies for Windows Home Server (WHS), we have been closely tied to the WHS development group. Derek (who heads up our Partner Relations), several of our top technical staff, and I have worked closely with them since earlier this year, and met on numerous occasions. We have all been impressed at their responsiveness to our questions and comments. Over the years, Microsoft has been great about listening to partners, but the WHS group really kicked it up a notch. It's the feedback from partners that is delaying the release, as Microsoft incorporates new functionality based on requests from vendors such as HP – I'd like to leak out the official release date but I'd be in trouble :-). These refinements are helping to finalize an amazing, user-friendly product that tech-savvy home users will love. WHS has been a long term project at Microsoft, and they wanted to validate the WHS development team with video "success stories". As a key partner they chose to send a film crew to visit the Diskeeper Corporation office and interview several of our engineers who are also WHS users. They plan to edit the footage into a video clip for use internally at Microsoft. It will also likely be featured on Microsoft's partner page, along with a WHS-related clip from hardware/software partner HP. We're excited that Microsoft chose Diskeeper as their defragmentation vendor of choice for the success story – we had a lot of fun with it!