We have a new update of Diskeeper available on our website. You can use the Check for Updates feature in the software or simply pull down the new Diskeeper 2008 trialware and install it over the top of your existing full version of Diskeeper 2008. If you need to install the update to multiple computers, you can download the software from here. Here is a list of main changes in build 12.0.781: 1. Fixed a flaw that caused a minor error message when the Diskeeper Service was shutdown (e.g. when shutting down the system). This error did not stop Diskeeper from functioning. (introduced in build 770) 2. Improvement to I-FAAST to better process files in the same folder, that are frequently deleted and recreated under the same file name. 3. Included support for correctly processing wildcards in the Diskeeper file exclusion list. Also fixed a couple of minor bugs related to file exclusion list. 4. Made enhancements to the News and Information feature to send info more appropriate to the user's location and the product edition used. 5. Removed displaying an error message when News and Information feature is unable to connect to a Diskeeper News Server. A message is now logged in the Event Log when this occurs. (introduced in build 770). This error did not stop Diskeeper from functioning. 6. Boot-time defragmentation is disabled in Windows Vista SP1 and Windows 2008, due to a feature incompatibility on those operating systems / service packs. A correction in a future update will re-enable the feature.