Diskeeper is an interesting software product in the variety of benefits that it provides users. Corporations purchase Diskeeper for any number of reasons; better performance, improved reliability, reduce help desk calls, etc… When companies are prosperous and want to take all measures to get every drop of performance out of their systems, they look to Diskeeper. When companies are looking to cut costs and make the best use of existing assets (i.e. keep hardware in use for a longer period of time) they can again look to Diskeeper. Due to the various benefits, it could be called 'recession-proof' software. For all the talk/speculation of an economic downturn in many parts of the world, Diskeeper Corporation continues to grow and is ahead of pace for another record setting year. We attribute that success, in large part, to the software's ability to help out companies experiencing lean times, by saving them energy, lengthening their PC life cycle by 6 months or a year, and facilitating initiatives to virtualize servers and desktops.