First off, please forgive the non-technical blog. It's a rarity and I'm promise not to make a habit of it. So how does the most popular automatic defragmenter (with a 98.9% defragmenter market share*) compare with other popular corporate software products? Lucky Number 7! Given the respective company, that's not to shabby. Best-Selling System Utilities for Corporate Use by Unit Volume* (North America): 1. Symantec Antivirus, Symantec 2. Symantec Ghost, Symantec 3. NeatSuite, Trend Micro 4. Clnt/Svr, Trend Micro 5. ScanMail, Trend Micro 6. Active Virus Defense, McAfee Inc. 7. Diskeeper, Diskeeper Corporation 8. Active VirusScan, McAfee Inc. 9. Etrust, CA, Inc 10. OfficeScan, Trend Micro Top 10 list taken from a 3 month span of unit sales, from November 2006 through January 2007. *North American Product ranking and market share are based on unit sales. All the data comes from National Purchase Diary (NPD) distribution channel software sales report. NPD captures 88% of all sales going through distribution channels.