We’re planning to release Undelete HomeServer edition in mid to late April. It will be specifically made for the Windows Home Server (WHS) operating system.

The price will probably be around $59 and include an Undelete license for WHS and also 10 Undelete Desktop Client licenses for your home-network PCs/laptops. Installing the Desktop Client on PCs provides you connectivity to the Undelete product on the Home Server so you can view and recover files remotely.

I’ve been using Undelete on my WHS system for over a year (the standard Undelete Server product works on WHS but is too pricey for home use at $499). To release the product for WHS we need to offer a better installation, documentation, and make minor adjustments to a few features.

You can read a review about using Undelete on WHS here [invalid link now https://www.wegotserved.co.uk/2008/10/10/diskeeper-undelete2009-server-edition/]