We have a number of update builds planned for Diskeeper 2008 and Undelete 5.0 in the coming weeks. I'm posting some info here as advance notice. For Undelete, we have a new 5.0 build with new features planned. Possibly even next week. We also have a fully functioning Diskeeper 2008 Server product that we will release as a "Release Candidate" for Windows Server 2008 (aka Longhorn). This one, unlike the currently available Diskeeper 2008 software, will have Bootime defrag! We also have a new update for Diskeeper 2008 with more Bootime defrag functionality as well as some improvements to the "controller logic" that determines when to run the "extreme defrag" engine. I'll explain these points in detail once the update is available. I'm also assembling a new paper that compares the new Diskeeper 2008 functionality to previous version of Diskeeper, such as the extreme conditions defragmentation and Volume Shadow Copy Service compatibility. It will present test results, some charts, graphs and related info. The best way to receive notification about new software updates is the product's Check For Updates feature, but I'll also post a notice here on the blog.